SERIES 1 & 2

Creative Pictures presents the first 6-part Podcast Series featuring iconic Ottawa radio personality, Dave Kittle. Dave's knowledge of music history is astounding, and in Seasoin One, Norm Berketa sits down with Dave as they discuss all things music!

Listen to all 6 episodes on YouTube.


Creative Pictures presents "The Meltdown!" Join hosts Norm Berketa and Jeff Lefebvre as they whine and complain about whatever comes to mind. Every episode includes topical FUN FACTS and STUPID STUPIDNESS! You'll learn something and you'll have a few laughs as well!

Visit the official Meltdown! website to learn more about the show and watch Season One!

Creative Pictures has completed filming the pilot episode of "Gentle Bend", a quirky dramatic comedy about relationships and redemption.

Written by Norm Berketa and Allison Graham, this story follows 30-something Ben Dalton as he tries to pick-up the pieces of his shattered life, back where he once belonged.

Shooting wrapped June 2017. We are currently shopping "Gentle Bend" to production companies.

Watch the trailer here.

Visit the official website for more details and photos!

Creative Pictures presents "Catching Up", a short film about two old friends who reunite after 30 years... or so it seems.

Wath the film on YouTube

Creative Pictures presents "Commute", a short film about driving from Montreal to Ottawa. Filmed at high speed and featuring music from Ottawa's "The Flaps". It's a psychedelic ride!

Wath the film on YouTube

Creative Pictures presents "One in Paradise", a short film about the last last known survivor of a viral mishap on Earth. Featuring Hayley Berketa, Norm's daughter, this is the second short film in which they've worked together.

Wath the film on YouTube

Creative Pictures presents "The Beard", a short documentary film. Actor Norm Berketa has been cast in a movie that takes place in the 1840's. He has been asked not to shave until the shoot is over. This film documents the day-by-day transformation as well as the pros and cons with growing a face plantation.

Watch the film on YouTube

Creative Pictures presents "The Writer's Block"... a web reality series about two writers as they hammer out scripts for a television series. The series features Allison Graham and Norm Berketa, both actors and accomplished writers. Watch the creative process unfold. Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Uncensored. Visit the official website, and watch all three seasons here.

A Texas sherrif mistakenly receives a fax meant for a small, Ontario town and decides to drop everything in order to hunt down a vicious killer. Having no leads and no clues to speak of, he braves the elements with only his fervant belief that God himself has called him to action.

Watch the Trailer

Watch the film on YouTube

Jimmy races home from work to begin what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, everything he does creates hightened levels of stress and anxiety, the likes of which he's never known. But every man has his boiling point, and Jimmy finds his.

Watch the Trailer

Watch the film on YouTube

What happens when a comedy duo splits-up after years of success? If you're the human half, you can always get another partner. But what if you're the puppet? Is there life after showbusiness?

Watch the Trailer

Watch the film on YouTube

"Good For The Soul" follows Ryan (Steve Patterson), a quirky yet lovable character as he visits his mother (Brenda Sherloski) in a nursing home. She hasn't spoken to anyone in three years. Under the safety net of her emotional state, Ryan begins confessing things, and pretty soon the floodgates open.

Watch the trailer

Watch the film on YouTube

"BLAST" tells the story of one man who rings-in the New Year by himself. A thought-provoking film, timely and haunting, with a twist all it's own. The film originally ran approximately 9 minutes and features original music from the album, "Technoparc". Originally produced in 2002, the film was re-edited in 2004 to 5 minutes, for entry into a film festival.

Watch the film on YouTube

Segments of "BLAST" were also featured on Rogers 22 "Indie Xposed", a local program featuring Ottawa and area filmmakers. Creative Pictures' Norm Berketa was interviewed about the film, the effects and the reasons behind making it.



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